About Us

Mphotho Community Development Centre NPO is a voluntary organization founded for the purpose of facilitating tailor-made SMME solutions and sustainable human capital development programmes that address immediate and future human and labour needs through forging meaningful and positive partnerships with ncommunities, government and business

The Mathematics and Science integrated improvement Program now trading as MASIIP Science Centre is founded by Mphptho Community Development Centre.

At MASIIP Centre, we facilitate and coordinate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related activities in schools. Our primary aim is to present opportunities to learners in rural schools as those in townships and cities of the country. We will be focusing on activities that advance learning of Science and Mathematics from Grade 4 to Grade 12 in 2019.            

Our Activities

Our activities will be run in learning clubs approach that include among others the following:

  1. Mathematics and Science Competitions
  2. Weekend and school holidays extra classes 
  3. Educational tours
  4. Careers in Science and Learning Expos
  5. Youth Leadership Development workshops
  6. Specialist Lectures in identified topics
  7. Technology and Innovation Expos
  8. FIRST Robotics Challenges
  9. Water and Environment Care
  10. Astronomy and Space Science Education

The centre is founded by qualified and experienced Mathematics and Science Teachers with vast experience of teaching in various institutions that include school, colleges and universites

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